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Posted by Editor on Sun 30 June 2019

Raising 12 children is a daunting task for any parent, but raising them to become accomplished dancers and musicians is nothing short of amazing. For Toby and Brenda Willis, every day is full of challenges as they juggle their children's music performances, dance competitions, wrestling tournaments, home schooling, and chores. On their remote farm in the hills of Tennessee, this super-sized family pulls off more in one day than most families can in a week.

The Willis Clan - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-20

The Willis Clan - Ned Willis - Netflix

Ned Willis is a fictional character from the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, played by Ben Hall. The character was created in the early 90s, but he was not seen on-screen. Over twenty years later, the show's UK broadcaster Channel 5 confirmed that Hall had been cast in the role and would make a short guest appearance. He made his debut in the episode broadcast on 6 April 2016. Series producer Jason Herbison had plans to promote Hall to the regular cast, but he was unsure about making a long-term commitment to the show. Following his initial guest stint, Hall returned twice in August and November 2016. Ned is often portrayed as a complex, manipulative character, but he is a good person at heart. He tries to do things for the right reasons, but often goes about it in the wrong way. Hall thought Ned was close to becoming a bad boy at times, a trait he enjoyed playing. The character was introduced during the Hotel Death Trap storyline, in which the boiler room at Lassiters Hotel explodes killing his half-brother and grandfather. His early storylines focused on the strained relationship he had with his father Brad Willis (Kip Gamblin) and his attraction to Brad's partner Lauren Turner (Kate Kendall), which culminated in a kiss between them. His storylines during his second and thirds stints included an on-off relationship with Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta), the introduction of his married former lover Regan Davis (Sabeena Manalis), and his arrest for arson. On 18 May 2018, it was announced that Hall had reprised the role and would be returning on 20 June. Hall later confirmed that he would be a regular cast member.

The Willis Clan - Characterisation - Netflix

Hall explained that in Ned's fictional backstory, he was left with Beth after her marriage to Brad ended and they moved to Sydney. Some time later, Beth sent Ned to live with his grandparents Pam (Sue Jones) and Doug Willis (Terence Donovan) in Darwin. Hall also said that Ned has “a bit of history” with Doug due to a recent event. Hall liked that Ned is a tattoo artist, deeming the job “cool”. He also believed that there had been very few tattoo artists in the show's history. Hall commented that Ned's occupation would lead to some “mischief”. Ahead of his arrival on-screen, Hall described Ned as being a “very complex” and “quite manipulative” character because “he has had a bit to deal with”. Hall said his favourite aspect of Ned's personality was that he “prefers actions over words”. Ned would rather go and do something about the issue instead of just talking about it. Hall continued, “He shows his feelings through actions rather than just saying meaningless words.” Hall also liked that Ned tries to “better himself”, but remains conflicted on the inside. Ned often finds that his anger gets the better of him, especially when it comes to Brad. In an interview with Sarah Ellis of Inside Soap, Hall thought Ned had the potential to be a bad boy character, and he enjoyed playing him when he flirted with that line. But he also called Ned “quite a good person at heart”, as he does not act out of spite and is not deliberately malicious. He continued, “He genuinely tries to do things for the right reasons – although he goes about it in the wrong way. But let's just say I wouldn't want him to become too much of a goody two-shoes!”

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