My House, Your Money - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Sat 29 June 2019

My House, Your Money reveals what really goes on behind closed doors as prospective homebuyers turn to their extended family members for financial help in order to land their dream home. Cameras catch all the drama and high-stakes pressure of the classic generational tug of war as families fight for their property pick and struggle to come to a compromise. What could possibly go wrong when the grown-up kids want a beautiful home to live in and the parents want a safe place to invest their money?

My House, Your Money - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

My House, Your Money - Your and My Secret - Netflix

Your and My Secret, known in Japan as lit. “My and Her Three X's” (Japanese: 僕と彼女の×××, Hepburn: Boku to Kanojo no Peke Mittsu), is a manga series by Ai Morinaga. The series was first published in Enix's Monthly Stencil in January 2001, was later obtained by Mag Garden who published it in Monthly Comic Blade then Monthly Comic Avarus where it concluded its serialization in August 2011. The individual chapters were collected and released into eight tankōbon volumes by Mag Garden. A continuation of the manga, subtitled as Extra-Part (番外編, Bangai-hen), was serialized in Mag Garden's online magazine, Web Comic Beat's, between June 2012 and March 2013; it was later released in a single tankōbon volume. In Japan, Boku to Kanojo no Peke Mittsu has been adapted into three radio dramas and a live action film. Your and My Secret follows the effeminate Akira Uehara who switches bodies with the tomboy Nanako Momoi due to an accident. ADV Manga licensed Boku to Kanojo no Peke Mittsu and released it under the name Your and My Secret in 2004. Tokyopop later obtained the license and released the first seven volumes of Your and My Secret. After Tokyopop's closure in 2011, the North American licensing was returned to Mag Garden. In 2012, JManga licensed and published the eight volumes digitally. The series has also been popularized under the name My Barbaric Girlfriend due to scanlations. Tokyopop's localized volumes appeared on ICv2's monthly top three-hundred selling graphic novels. English reviewers have praised the series' humor with mixed reaction to the plot and characters.

My House, Your Money - Reception - Netflix

Tokyopop's localized volumes appeared on ICv2's monthly top three-hundred selling graphic novels. readers ranked the series third as Best New Shojo Manga in 2008 and was ranked in the 10 Bizarre Shojo Manga Love Stories in 2010. Jason Thompson praised the series for being smart, funny, and unpredictable. Pop Culture agreed on the humor, and described the series as something all Shōjo fans will enjoy. described the first volume as an enjoyable read, praised it for the humor and its interesting and realistic approach to the gender swap topic, but expressed annoyance with the protagonist's behavior. Meanwhile, IGN panned the plot for being preposterous, citing the protagonists' personalities to be too extreme, and gave no incentive to move past the first volume.

My House, Your Money - References - Netflix