Angyalbőrben - Netflix

Posted by Editor on Tue 25 June 2019

Angyalbőrben is a Hungarian TV series centered on the lifes of a platoon at the Army base of Vasbogdány.

Angyalbőrben - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1990-12-01

Angyalbőrben - Géza Koroknay - Netflix

Géza Koroknay (29 September 1948 – 2 January 2013) was a Hungarian actor, most notable for his work on the Hungarian television show Szomszédok (Neighbors).

Angyalbőrben - Biography - Netflix

Born in Budapest in 1948, Koroknay graduated from the Academy of Drama and Film in 1972. He was soon contracted into the National Theatre of Miskolc acting troupe and was a member of the National Theatre of Pécs from 1974 to 1976. Since then, he was a voice actor for a number of films and television shows, including dubbing some of the Dirty Harry films into Hungarian, to name a few. He also took on some small television roles. He spent his later years as a narrator of documentaries and commercials. Koroknay died on 2 January 2013, following a lengthy illness.

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